Selecting High Performance Teams and Individuals

Ensuring your future success by selecting and assessing individuals using concepts from the most elite organisations in the world.

Why Be Select

Why We Are Different

We use concepts from the most elite and secretive organisations in the world where selecting the right person is literally a matter of life or death. The concepts are blended with leading business techniques and business psychology to create individually tailored processes. Our range of selection, assessment and vetting tools provide a multi-dimensional profile of each candidate, going far beyond the interview camouflage to ensure a genuine match between the person and role. Our fee structure is based on results.

Our Approach Our backgrounds instilled in us an absolute determination to deliver excellence. We consult you at every stage and do not stop until we have candidates that meet your expectations. The model (right) illustrates our approach which emphasises the four key factors that predict future job performance.

How it Works BE Select is suitable for internal or external assessment and selection; both for companies wishing to outsource the entire process or to support of your own process.

1 Source: 12.72 times Economic Value Added (EVA) in US dollars compared to average performers from research undertaken by Spencer L.M, ‘Competence Psychology ‘ 1997. Select areas of special operations noted around 15-30 times value added compared to conventional counterparts.

2 Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel Development . Harvard Business School places it as high as 1000% for those in senior roles.

3 In Jan 2011 Peter Gwinnell was given a 50-week suspended sentence for fraud after falsely claiming to have degrees from Oxford and Harvard and a 20 year career history at JP Morgan. His lies secured him the deputy CEO job at Ahli United Bank in the UK until he was found out.