Achieving High Performance Through People

Bespoke professional development programmes to help individuals and organisations truly achieve their full potential.

Why Be Develop

Why We Are Different

You and your business are special. Our business is simply to understand what makes the best individuals and organisations in the world really special. We bring skills and techniques honed in extreme pressure situations and adapt them to suit your high paced world of business. These are delivered using a variety of interactive experiences to create a positive behavioural change which survives the return to the 'day job'.

Our Approach We use accelerated learning and development concepts from the most elite and secretive organisations in the world. They are combined with the very latest blended learning theory to create the optimum learning environment.

How it Works We listen to your specific requirements and always tailor our programmes to you. Programmes can range from a half day through to several weeks, being run either at your office or offsite - depending on your preference.

1 Source: 12.72 times Economic Value Added (EVA) in US dollars compared to average performers from research undertaken by Spencer L.M, 'Competence Psychology' 1997. Select areas of special operations noted around 15-30 times value added compared to conventional counterparts.

2 Source: Harvard Business Review 2004. 3 stock portfolios comprised only of companies that "spend aggressively on employee development" each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17 - 35% during 2003.

3 Source: The Manchester Review, 2001, Volume 6, Number 1, based on a study of senior level executives at Fortune 1000 companies.